Praise for Rachel in the World

"One of the most extraordinary, awful, funny, candid, heart-rending, brave books about motherhood I’ve ever read."
— Sandra Tsing Loh, Barnes & Noble Review

“Refreshingly unsentimental, wrenchingly candid… a bracing testimony – not at all self-flattering – to parental love and advocacy.”
Kirkus Reviews

"An unsentimental yet inspiring story of unshakable mother love."
Library Journal

Praise for Bereft - A Sister’s Story

“Like Angela’s Ashes, Bereft can break your heart one moment and make you smile the next.”
Orlando Sentinel

“Unflinching, beautiful.”
Chicago Tribune

"Part intimate memoir and part detective story. Bereft is hard to put down.”
US Weekly

Praise for Loving Rachel

“Inspiring… a story of courageous love that rises above misfortune… incisive and vivid… rings with truth and flashes of humor.”
New York Times Book Review

“Real and wrenching… straightforward and affecting… an absorbing family drama.”
Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Departures

“An absorbing first novel… without a single cliché, or one wrong note… moving, funny, and original.”
Publishers Weekly

“Jane Bernstein has created an unshakably real character and an absorbing first novel…”
New York Times

“What a wonderful writer Jane Bernstein is!"
Ann Tyler

Praise for Seven Minutes in Heaven

“Sensitively performed, a very special comedy… One of the few movies around for whole families to talk about and think over.”
Lost Angeles Times

Jane Bernstein

author | teacher | advocate